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order plaquenil 400mg

Treatment with antiviral and anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as fortifying agents is recommended. In any case, you need to get the advice of a therapist. List of antibiotics for sinusitis - in tablets and for injection:

Antibiotics are a broad group of drugs, the action of which is aimed at combating diseases of an infectious nature. In recent years, the list of these funds has undergone some changes.

  • Wide-spectrum antibiotics of the new generation have become very popular.
  • There are modern drugs that are aimed at eliminating the causative agent of plaquenil.
  • Narrowly targeted drugs are more preferable, since they do not affect the normal microflora.
  • Medical workers successfully use antibacterial agents due to the fact that the vital processes occurring in the cells of the human body are different from those of a bacterial cell.

These new generation drugs act selectively, affecting only the cell of a pathogenic microorganism, without affecting human ones. The classification takes place depending on the way in which they influence plaquenil activity of microorganisms.


Some drugs inhibit the synthesis of the bacterial outer cell membrane, which is absent in the human body. These include cephalosporins, antibiotics of the penicillin series, etc. Another group almost completely suppresses protein synthesis in bacterial cells. The latter include macrolides, tetracycline antibiotics. The list of broad-spectrum drugs is divided according to the principle of antibacterial activity. The instructions must indicate the area of ​​activity of the tablets.